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  1. Permittence: You are only authorized to visit, view, or retain the pages of this website for personal favor, and you have no rights to duplicate, publish, download, upload, and distribute the insights of this website for any commercial purpose.
  2. Abiding to Terms: Use of this website where prohibited is a void. You are supposed to agree on the right, capacity, and authority to read this agreement and abide to all the Terms and Conditions as we have mentioned.
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  4. Managing Accounts: Once you register with Before You Take, you have the advantage of personalizing the content ratings of present or future features as per the information updated. With your account being in Before You Take, you have agreed to be accountable for maintaining the confidentiality of your username, password, and all other information that’s present within your account. The violation of these Terms, we may take the action to terminate your accounts and remove/modify account-related content or take the action that’s appropriate.
  5. Links & Search Results: There can be automatically generated content in this Site that links to mobile phone offers. We take no responsibility or have direct control over these sites. Before You Take does not promise that the content present in these Sites is accurate, legal, or inoffensive. We don’t give warrant over the viruses containing in those websites that would impact your system. By using Site, you agree to not to claim Before You Take for damages or losses occurred while visiting third-party sites. As ours is information-driven website, we only take care of the information about the prices of gadgets across various e-commerce platforms. We also care least about authenticity and reliability about the products they are selling. We recommend our customers to enhance their satisfaction while purchasing. If you’re facing any problem with a link in our Site, please notify us. We will take subsequent actions.
  6. Accessibility: You are not allowed to use bots, spider, or other automated devices to copy or monitor any of the web pages and content present for any unauthorized purpose. To perform any of these, permission from us is extremely crucial. You are also prohibited from using any software and device to disturb smooth flow of our website. You’re completely restricted to use our information publicly without our permission.
  7. Unauthorized Usage: We would take legal action on promoting our Site as an illegal producer in any of the online channels. You will be subjected to civil, criminal, and injunctive redress as per the laws of governance.
  8. Violating Terms: In case of violating the terms and conditions of Before You Take, you’ll be subjected to equitable relief.
  9. Disclaimer: Before You Take will not guarantee that the Site will have inoffensive, uninterrupted, or error-free links in it. The content that’s uploaded on this site is delivered based on the availability in the search engines and respective e-commerce companies. We can never promise that files you download from this site will be free from viruses or other damaging features. We do not bear the consequences that your personal system might endure because of third-party links or ads that run on our Site.

You might report us in case of disputes or any problem you’re facing while navigating through our website and we will do our best to create the best user experience.

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