Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition: Advanced Electric SUV With 1,370km Range Launches in China Starting at $25,000

Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition - Advanced Electric SUV With 1,370km Range Launches in China Starting at $25,000 - Vehicles - Tech News - Before You Take


Geely, the renowned automaker, has once again raised the bar for electric mobility with the launch of the Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition SUV in China. This remarkable vehicle brings innovation to the forefront, boasting an astonishing 1,370km of range, and introduces an array of cutting-edge features that redefine the electric SUV segment.


Exclusive Upgrade Offer: Geely extends a special offer to existing Geely Galaxy L7 owners who received their vehicles before September 16. These loyal customers can upgrade to the Phantom Edition model without any additional cost, showcasing Geely’s dedication to its valued patrons. This exclusive offer will be available throughout October 2023.


Striking Design and Color Palette: The Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition is more than just a feat of engineering; it’s a work of art. Available in six captivating colors—dawn gray, midnight black, dawn white, clear sky blue, dusk mountain purple, and galaxy white—this compact SUV boasts a sleek and modern design. With a wheelbase of 2,785mm and dimensions measuring 4,700 x 1,905 x 1,685mm, it’s built on the Galaxy Light design architecture. The front features a distinctive closed grille and through-type split headlights, while the rear is adorned with a roof spoiler and through-type taillights.


Revolutionary Powertrain: Under the hood, the Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition houses the NordThor Hybrid 8848 system, a technological marvel. This system combines a 1.5T four-cylinder hybrid engine with an electric motor featuring a 3-speed DHT, delivering a remarkable power output of 287kW, accompanied by a peak torque of 535Nm. With this powertrain, the L7 Phantom Edition accelerates from 0 to 100km/h in just 6.9 seconds.


Cutting-Edge Interior: The interior of the SUV offers a glimpse into the future of automotive technology. It boasts a 10.25-inch instrument panel and a 13.2-inch central control screen. Additionally, the cockpit features a 16.2-inch co-pilot screen and a versatile four-spoke steering wheel. Powered by the Galaxy N OS operating system and the robust Quantum Snapdragon 8155 chip, this SUV boasts a remarkable 25.6-inch AR head-up display, providing an immersive driving experience. It also features Navigation On Highway Assist, enabling autonomous lane changes, high-speed overtaking, and ramp navigation.


Comprehensive Driving Assistance: The Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition is equipped with an advanced driving assistance system that includes ultra-long-range and four long-range millimeter-wave radars. It also incorporates 12 ultrasonic radars, an 8MP front-view camera, and a 2.5MP front-view camera. The seats are designed for ultimate comfort, featuring electric adjustments, heating, and ventilation. Moreover, the interior can transform into theater mode, with seats that automatically recline to 125 degrees.


Exceptional Range Choices: The model offers two pure electric cruising ranges: 55km and 115km. These translate to impressive combined cruising ranges of 1,310km and an astonishing 1,370km, respectively, with the gasoline engine engaged. Remarkably, the vehicle maintains exceptional fuel efficiency, with rates of 2.35L/100km and 1.3L/1000km for the respective options.


Accessible Starting Price: Geely has positioned the Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition SUV competitively, with a starting price of 185,700 yuan ($25,500). While it is set to make a significant impact in the Chinese market, there is currently no information available regarding its international release.


The Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition SUV is a testament to Geely’s commitment to advancing the possibilities of electric vehicle technology. With groundbreaking range, state-of-the-art features, and a captivating design, it’s poised to redefine the landscape of electric mobility and set a new standard in the industry.


Design and Dimensions:

Exterior Colors: Dawn Gray, Midnight Black, Dawn White, Clear Sky Blue, Dusk Mountain Purple, Galaxy White

Wheelbase: 2,785mm

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4,700 x 1,905 x 1,685mm

Design Architecture: Galaxy Light



Powertrain System: NordThor Hybrid 8848

Engine: 1.5T four-cylinder hybrid engine

Electric Motor: Equipped with a 3-speed DHT

Power Output: 287kW

Peak Torque: 535Nm

Acceleration (0-100km/h): 6.9 seconds


Interior Features:

Instrument Panel: 10.25-inch

Central Control Screen: 13.2-inch

Co-pilot Screen: 16.2-inch

Steering Wheel: Four-spoke

Operating System: Galaxy N OS

Chip: Quantum Snapdragon 8155

AR Head-up Display: 25.6-inch

Driving Assistance: Navigation On Highway Assist, autonomous lane changing, high-speed overtaking, and ramp navigation


Advanced Driving Assistance:

Radars: Ultra-long-range and four long-range millimeter-wave radars

Ultrasonic Radars: 12 ultrasonic radars

Front-View Cameras: 8MP and 2.5MP

Seating: Electric adjustment, heating, and ventilation

Seat Transformation: Seats automatically fold down to 125 degrees for theater mode


Electric Range Options:

Pure Electric Cruising Ranges: 55km and 115km

Combined Cruising Ranges (with gasoline engine): 1,310km and 1,370km

Fuel Efficiency: 2.35L/100km and 1.3L/1000km



Starting Price: 185,700 yuan ($25,500)


These specifications highlight the exceptional design, powertrain, interior features, advanced driving assistance, electric range options, and competitive pricing of the Geely Galaxy L7 Phantom Edition SUV, making it a remarkable addition to the electric vehicle market.

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