realme Dominates Indian Smartphone Market for Youth with Cutting-Edge Tech and Stylish Design: Counterpoint Survey

realme Dominates Indian Smartphone Market for Youth with Cutting-Edge Tech and Stylish Design - Counterpoint Survey - Tech News - Updates - Before You Take


In a recent national survey conducted by Counterpoint Research, Realme has been recognized as the leading smartphone brand among the youth in India. This accolade underscores Realme’s strong connection with young consumers who prioritize cutting-edge technology, stylish design, and value for money.


Key Findings from the Survey

Overwhelming Youth Preference

A remarkable 58% of respondents aged 16-25 identified Realme as their preferred smartphone brand. This significant figure highlights Realme’s appeal to a generation that values the latest technological advancements and stylish, cost-effective devices.


Value & Tech Reign Supreme

The survey revealed that “Value for Money” (25%) and “Latest Technology” (18%) are the top considerations for young consumers when purchasing a smartphone. These preferences align perfectly with Realme’s strengths, reinforcing the brand’s market position.


Dominating the Sweet Spot

In the crucial sub-INR 20,000 price segment, realme leads by offering value for money (63%), the latest technology (62%), and stylish design (61%). This dominance reflects Realme’s strategic focus on delivering high-quality, affordable smartphones.


Counterpoint Research



Brand Image Aligned with Youth

The survey indicated that 17% of respondents associate realme with being “Young,” 15% with being “Modern,” and 14% with being “Playful.” These associations solidify Realme’s connection with the youthful, tech-savvy market.


Strong Brand Appeal

An impressive 62% of respondents rated realme as “very good” or “good,” and 71% believed that the brand offers cutting-edge technology. These perceptions cement Realme’s reputation as an industry leader.


realme’s Commitment to the Future

The findings from the Counterpoint survey demonstrate Realme’s success in engaging with young consumers and exceeding their expectations. As realme continues to expand its product portfolio, the brand aims to maintain its growth trajectory and solidify its position as a top smartphone brand in India.


Capitalizing on Market Opportunities

With the booming Indian smartphone market and the rising demand for 5G technology, realme is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities. The brand is committed to delivering exceptional value and innovative products to young customers across the nation.


Detailed Insights from the Survey

Primary Considerations for Smartphone Buyers

According to the survey, a significant portion of Indian smartphone buyers emphasize “Value for Money” (25%) as a crucial factor, closely followed by “Latest Technology” (18%). These factors are particularly important in the sub-INR 20,000 price bracket, where realme has established a strong presence.


Youthful Enthusiasm for realme

Commenting on the survey results, Senior Analyst Arushi Chawla noted, “The young generation approaches its smartphone purchases with strong enthusiasm. They prioritize the latest technologies, value for money, and stylish designs. In India, where approximately 60% of the smartphone market falls in the sub-INR 20,000 price range, realme has established a robust position across all these three key parameters – latest technology (62%), value for money (63%), and stylish design (61%).”


Global Positioning

Director Tarun Pathak highlighted Realme’s global appeal, stating, “realme has established a strong global footprint, especially within the younger demographic. According to Counterpoint’s latest consumer surveys, realme is popular among young smartphone consumers in Indonesia and known for its product quality in Bangladesh. Around the world, realme has been praised for catering to young smartphone users by tailoring its strategies, product designs, and pricing to their preferences.”



The Counterpoint survey, commissioned by realme India, provides valuable insights into the preferences and opinions of young smartphone users in India. By prioritizing value for money, the latest technology, and stylish designs, realme has successfully captured the hearts of the youth, solidifying its position as their favorite smartphone brand. As the company continues to innovate and expand its offerings, it is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of young consumers and maintain its leadership in the competitive Indian smartphone market.


Source @ counterpointresearch


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