Google Unveils Android 15 Developer Preview: Enhanced Privacy, Security, and Camera Controls, Installation Guide for Pixel Devices Inside

Google Unveils Android 15 Developer Preview - Enhanced Privacy, Security, and Camera Controls, Installation Guide for Pixel Devices Inside - Software Updates - Tech News - Before You Take


Google has officially announced the Android 15 Developer Preview, giving developers and enthusiasts an early look at the upcoming iteration of the Android operating system. Codenamed “VanillaIceCream,” the Developer Preview offers a sneak peek into the new features, improvements, and enhancements that Android users can anticipate. Here’s an overview of what Android 15 brings to the table.




Key Points:


Android 15 Developer Preview Announced: Google introduces the Developer Preview of Android 15, codenamed VanillaIceCream, showcasing the upcoming features and improvements.


Beta Version in April: The Beta version of Android 15 is set to arrive in April, offering developers a chance to test and adapt their apps for compatibility.


Focus on Privacy, Security, and Camera Controls: Android 15 places emphasis on enhancing privacy features, strengthening security measures, and introducing advanced camera controls.


Compatibility with Pixel Devices: Initially, only Google Pixel devices, including the latest Pixel foldable and smartphones, are eligible for the Android 15 Developer Preview.


File Integrity Manager APIs: New APIs ensure the protection of files through custom cryptographic signatures, preventing tampering or corruption.


Health Connect Integration: Android 15 integrates Android 14’s Health Connect platform, enabling the sharing of health and fitness data across apps.


Partial Screen Sharing: Users can now share or record specific app windows, offering more flexibility during screen-sharing sessions.


Low Light Enhancements: A new option provides control over the camera’s hardware, allowing users to boost brightness and adjust flash strength in low-light conditions.


UMP Support: Android 15 extends Universal MIDI Packets (UMP) support to virtual MIDI apps, enhancing compatibility and control over synthesizer apps.


Dynamic Performance Framework: Supported devices will benefit from the Android Dynamic Performance Framework (ADPF), allowing apps and games to optimize power efficiency and improve CPU and GPU frequencies.


How to Install Android 15 Developer Preview:

Using Android Flash Tool:


Connect a compatible Pixel device to the computer.


Visit the official Android Flash Tool website.


Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install Android USB Driver.


Enable Developer mode and USB Debugging on the device.


Select the connected Pixel device from the list.


Choose the Android 15 Developer Preview option.


Initiate the installation process by clicking “Install Build.”


Follow on-screen instructions for the installation, ensuring not disconnect during the process.


OTA Updates for Developer Preview:

After installing the Developer Preview, Google will push OTA updates for subsequent preview builds.


Android 15 Beta in April:

Google is set to announce the Android 15 Beta in April, expanding eligibility to more devices, including those from OnePlus, Samsung, OPPO, Vivo, Realme, and more.


Image of Android 15 Development timeline, indicating we are on time with Developer Previews in February




The Android 15 Developer Preview brings forth a glimpse of the upcoming Android version, prioritizing privacy, security, and innovative camera controls. Developers can leverage this early access to adapt their apps for seamless integration once the stable version releases later in the year. With notable features like File Integrity Manager APIs, Health Connect integration, and improved screen-sharing options, Android 15 aims to enhance user experience and system functionality. As the Beta version and subsequent releases unfold, a broader range of devices will join the Android 15 ecosystem, ushering in the next phase of Android innovation.


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