Apple iPhone 15 Series: Pricing Breakdown – India vs. USA, Dubai, and UK – Which Offers the Best Deals?

Apple iPhone 15 Series - Pricing Breakdown - India vs. USA, Dubai, and UK - Which Offers the Best Deals - Tech News India - Updates - Before You Take


Apple enthusiasts around the world eagerly awaited the launch of the iPhone 15 series, and with its debut, pricing has taken center stage. The cost of these coveted devices can vary significantly depending on your location. In this comprehensive guide, we compare the prices of the iPhone 15 series in India with those in the USA, Dubai, and select global markets.


iPhone 15: Unveiling the Options in India

In India, the iPhone 15 series is available in various storage configurations, each offering distinct pricing:


iPhone 15


128GB variant: Rs 79,900


256GB variant: Rs 89,900


512GB variant: Rs 1,09,900


Choose from an array of vibrant colors, including Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Black.


iPhone 15 Plus


128GB variant: Rs 89,900


256GB variant: Rs 99,900


512GB variant: Rs 1,19,900


The same delightful color options are available for the iPhone 15 Plus.


iPhone 15 Pro


128GB variant: Rs 1,34,900


256GB variant: Rs 1,44,900


512GB variant: Rs 1,64,900


1TB variant: Rs 1,84,900


iPhone 15 Pro Max


256GB variant: Rs 1,59,900


512GB variant: Rs 1,79,900


1TB variant: Rs 1,99,900


The Pro Max models offer a range of stunning Natural Titanium, Blue Titanium, White Titanium, and Black Titanium finishes.


iPhone 15 Series in the USA

Across the Atlantic, the iPhone 15 series boasts competitive pricing:


iPhone 15: Starting at $799 (approximately Rs 66,263)


iPhone 15 Plus: Starting at $899 (Approximately Rs 74,556)


iPhone 15 Pro: Starting at $999 (approximately Rs 82,850)


iPhone 15 Pro Max: Starting at $1,199 (approximately Rs 99,436)


Dubai’s iPhone 15 Series Pricing

Dubai showcases its cosmopolitan charm with unique pricing:


Entry-level iPhone 15: Starting at Dh 3,399 (approximately Rs 66,700)


iPhone 15 Plus: Starting at Dh 3,799 (approximately Rs 74,500)


iPhone 15 Pro: Priced at Dh 4,299 (approximately Rs 84,500)


iPhone 15 Pro Max (256GB model): Starting at Dh 5,099 (approximately Rs 100,100)


Notably, the 128GB variant has been discontinued in Dubai.


United Kingdom’s iPhone 15 Series

The UK offers competitive prices for the iPhone 15 series:


Base iPhone 15 (128GB model): Starting from £799 (approximately Rs 80,300)


iPhone 15 Plus: Starting from £899 (approximately Rs 90,400)


iPhone 15 Pro (128GB model): Starting from £999 (approximately Rs 100,400)


iPhone 15 Pro Max: Priced at £1,199 (approximately Rs 1,24,168)


As the iPhone 15 series continues to capture hearts worldwide, it’s evident that pricing varies significantly across different regions. Whether you’re in India, the USA, Dubai, or the UK, Apple’s latest offerings come with distinct price tags that cater to diverse markets. Make your choice wisely and enjoy the unparalleled technology that these devices bring to your fingertips.

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