Haier Vogue Glass Door Refrigerators Launched in India: Specs, Features, Pricing, and More!

Haier Vogue Glass Door Refrigerators Launched in India - Specs, Features, Pricing, and More! - Tech News - Updates - Before You Take


Haier has introduced its new Vogue Series of glass door refrigerators in India, offering a blend of style and functionality to meet diverse consumer needs. Let’s delve into the details of these innovative refrigerators.


Key Points:


Haier Vogue Glass Door refrigerators launched in India, are available in multiple capacities and colour options.


Offered in top-mount, bottom-mount, side-by-side, and three-door configurations with convertible modes.


Triple inverter technology, dual fans, silent operations, and stabilizer-free support are key features.


Pricing starts at Rs 51,890, with discounts of up to Rs 10,000 available; available through the Haier website, Amazon, and offline retailers.




Capacity and Configurations: Available in multiple capacities and configurations, including top-mount, bottom-mount, side-by-side, and three-door models.


Convertible Modes: Flexibility to switch between freezer and regular refrigerator compartments.


Triple Inverter Technology: Ensures efficient cooling with minimal power consumption, offering energy-saving ratings of up to 3 stars.


Dual Fans: Promotes optimal airflow within compartments for uniform cooling and freshness.


Silent Operations: Operates quietly, minimizing noise disruptions in home environments.


Premium Glass Door Design: Stylish glass door design available in various colour options for enhanced aesthetics.


Digital Display: Top-end models feature a digital display for easy mode changes and temperature adjustments.


Stabilizer-Free Operations: Supports stabilizer-free operations, protecting against voltage fluctuations.


Warranty: Comes with a two-year comprehensive warranty on the refrigerator and a 10-year warranty on the compressor.




Models: Haier Vogue Bottom Mount, Top Mount, Side-by-Side, and Three-Door Refrigerators


Capacities: Ranging from 265 litres to 602 litres


Energy Efficiency: Up to 3-star energy-saving ratings


Cooling Technology: Triple inverter technology, dual fans for enhanced airflow


Design: Premium glass door design in multiple colour options


Convertible Modes: Switch between freezer and regular refrigerator compartments


Warranty: Two-year comprehensive warranty on the refrigerator, 10-year warranty on the compressor


Pricing and Availability:


Haier Vogue Bottom Mount Refrigerator: Rs 51,890


Haier Vogue Top Mount Refrigerator: Rs 58,990


Haier Vogue Side-by-Side Refrigerator: Rs 1,24,490


Haier Vogue Three-Door Refrigerator: Rs 1,51,290


These refrigerators are available for purchase on Haier’s official website, Amazon, and leading offline retailers across India. Discounts of up to Rs 10,000 are available, making them a cost-effective choice for consumers.



The Haier Vogue Glass Door refrigerators combine style and functionality, offering a range of innovative features such as triple inverter technology, convertible modes, and premium glass door designs. With competitive pricing and availability across multiple platforms, these refrigerators cater to the diverse needs of modern Indian households, providing efficient cooling, flexibility, and aesthetic appeal.



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